When he doesn't love you, when he calms down, he still needs to think about whether you owe him anything, especially in material terms. If you can give it back to him, you may feel better in your heart. What you can keep is your attention to the love once, just don't let him know. If he is a generous man, he will not take back the gift he gave you. If you are a reasonable girl, choose a practical gift and give it back to him with your heart. Of course, it's not an exchange, just a perfect ending for this paragraph. You don't owe him anything anymore. When he no longer loves you, you will often walk to the place you have been together, and everyone around you seems to be his figure. Every couple may remind you of your past love. You will often think of the song he sang for you. At this time, you will feel like crying. Please learn to be strong?! When you are alone, never use alcohol and cigarettes to anesthetize yourself, because that shouldn't be a way for a good girl to choose to forget. If he knows it, he won't feel hurt. Instead, he is glad that he doesn't continue to love a girl like you. Please do not think of forever because of the joy and memory you have passed. Remember: love is not forever. If you love him deeply at this moment, you will never love him again. He just arrived at this day earlier than you. When he doesn't love you, please gently embrace the memory, gently gaze at the withered tenderness.